Horizon Zero Dawn Developers Are Already Planning Game's Sequel?

Horizon Zero Dawn is great -- no doubt about that. And it should be. Why? Well, that's because developer Guerilla took six years to develop this title. So, in a sense, the end result must be staggering -- or at least acceptable. It holds true that this game has the potentials it needs to become a huge franchise. But hey, the people behind it are actually planning for its sequel already.

In an interview with Kotaku, the game's very own producer Samrat Sharma shares his view towards a follow-up. First off, he iterates how he and his team love the world within the game. And that indeed, "there's a lot of lore" that players have yet to see. With the faith they have for the characters and the world they've created, they feel like moving past beyond what they have now.

Nevertheless, the man behind Horizon Zero Dawn admits that the team "haven't really sat down" with the idea of a sequel yet. That, as of this writing, they haven't had a decision on what to do next. Interestingly, he points out how he loves the game's lore so much. For instance, there are still various tribes that they haven't discovered. And for these to be introduced, they must first discover the different facets involved.

Sharma iterates that the titular title -- albeit being finished -- still has a lot of things to offer to the community. While they love the idea of getting into the lore right away, they can't just be applied. That's because they don't seem to fit the whole theme of the game. Or perhaps, for now, these must be put back.

The Horizon Zero Dawn game producer suggests that in order for them to come up with a follow-up, the team must agree first on a specific idea. However, the most important thing about all of these is execution. That no matter how great the idea is, if people aren't willing to make a move, it's still useless. Hence, Sharma wants to ensure that he and his team are all on the same side of things.

Horizon Zero Dawn is really an interesting game to play. It offers multiple features, each of which is unique to its kind. Take for instance the photo mode, which, as reported by Polygon, gives players the chance to share to the world their individual adventures within the game. It's safe to say that this title is shaping to be a massive franchise.

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