Where's Hello Games' No Man's Sky Now?

There's no doubt that No Man's Sky was (perhaps) the most controversial title of 2016. It indeed brought a huge hype within the industry, only it didn't necessarily became good. Prior to its release, many were stoked about all the possibilities the game could offer. Unfortunately, as what tons of gamers would say, it was merely a disappointment. But really, where's NMS now? What ever happened to the promises of Hello Games? Is the studio still set to bring the game's redemption?

According to Express, the developers of No Man's Sky are set to be present at the upcoming GDC 2017. However, it remains mystery if whether or not the founder and mastermind behind the title Sean Murray will come. After all, he owes it to the fans and/or the community as a whole.

Basically, No Man's Sky fans have been waiting for an update from Murray regarding the promised content update. Apparently though, he along with Innes McKendrick (lead programmer) and Paul Weir (audio director) are said to be there to host the conferences at the aforementioned event.

The No Man's Sky founder will follow McKendrick's schedule. The latter will basically talk about the world generation of today at around 5:30 PM UK Time. After which will be followed by Murray, who'll discuss about the so-called Building Worlds Using Math. His schedule is at around 5:30 PM PST on March 2. In UK's time, this is around 1:30 AM on March 3.

It remains a mystery if Murray will ever talk about anything related to No Man's Sky that time. But of course, he'll focus on his confirmed topic for the GDC 2017. Meanwhile, there are talks surfacing online comparing the game with Horizon Zero Dawn. That the latter is more of an A-gamer than Hello Games'.

It's true that Horizon Zero Dawn is shaping to be a better game than No Man's Sky. However, as what GameRevolution notes, the two can't simply be compared. First off, they completely differ in terms of gameplay and concept. While there may be player who'll beg to disagree, it holds true though that only one of them can be on the top.

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