‘Attack On Titan' Spoilers: The 9 Titan Shifters And Their Powers

With the release of “Attack on Titan” manga’s new chapter, fans have an idea about the nine titan shifters. With Marley gearing up to invade Paradis and the Survey Corp planning to attack Marley, the titans on both sides will be put to use. However, there are still a couple of them whose loyalty are yet to be determined.

9 Titan Shifters Have Been Revealed

After “Attack On Titan” Chapter 91 revealed Galliard, the current Jaw Titan and the final titan shifter, the list of all known titan shifters is complete. It's also been verified that Peak, the Mule Titan who saved Zeke from a near death situation in Paradis, is also one of the titan shifters. However, Peak's identity as a human being has yet to be disclosed.

On the other hand, other titans include Zeke, the Beast Titan; Reiner, the Armored Titan; Eren, the Attack Titan and technically the Founding Titan; Armin, the Colossal Titan after devouring Bertholt; Annie, the Female Titan; and Ymir, the Dancing Titan, assuming that she is still alive.

The Mule Titan has the power to carry huge things on his back. The Beast Titan seems to be the brain among the titan shifters, but he is also fairly strong. The Founding Titan's power is the coordinates, which is the most important and strongest power because it can control other titans. The rest of the titan shifters possess powers that enable them to attack and defend in different forms such as armor, hot air, and crystal.

Which Side Will Annie And Ymir Fight For?

Marley currently has the powers of the Beast Titan, Armored Titan, and Mule Titan, which are with Zeke, Reiner, and Peak at the moment but it has been revealed that new warriors will replace Zeke and Reiner probably because their time is almost up. The titan shifters can possess the powers of the original titans for only 13 years, then they will die. Marley also has Ymir in their possession but she's not one of their warriors but a mindless titan that accidently stole one of the powers. She is loyal to Krista, the Eldian queen of the walled country in Paradis.

Meanwhile, the Survey Corps may have two titans on their side, Armin, and Eren, but the latter possesses two powers of the original titans. They have Annie in captive but she is in an indefinite crystallized state, which makes it impossible for the Survey Corps to communicate with her. Annie’s loyalty for Marley may be swayed as she hesitated in the early chapters and might join Survey Corps’ fight. If this happens, it would be great since a second Titan War is expected to happen, the two states will have a fair chance of winning.

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