Clash Royale Tips: Everything You Should Know About The 2v2 Clan Battle Mode; New Card Leaked?

It's now official! Supercell has teased the upcoming 2v2 Clan Battle Mode via the game's official podcast: Radio Royale. There are a lot of new information that Supercell and the moderators have provided over the past couple of hours. Here's everything the players should know about the upcoming 2v2 Clan Battles.

Clash Royale : 2v2 Clan Battle Mode

One of the best things about Clan Battles is that this feature is not a special event but rather, an in-game mode, which basically makes it a permanent addition to the game's features. Aside from this announcement, Supercell also made some highlights regarding the restrictions and rules in the mode. Here's the recap to the announcement:

Partner Interaction

Players will be able to see their partner's deck for a brief moment before the fight starts. It's worth noting that they won't see their partner's cards during battle. Each player has its own Elixir Bar, which is independent with each other; meaning that Elixir pumps won't affect the other player. During Overtime, Elixir now replenishes 70 percent faster. Lastly, the King's Towers are connected which basically now has double the defensive power and capabilities.

Opponent Interaction

Both players will be able to see where their opponent will drag or play their cards. Moreover, both teams can now share Buffers (e.g. Rage) - making Lumberjack and even Rage spell high valuable in this mode. It's worth noting that players cannot stack certain spells like Poison.


Supercell announced that they will now be moving the Clan Chest on the weekends (due to public plea). Furthermore, there will be a team clan chest every second weekend, which alternates with the regular clan chest.

New Card

It's worth noting that Yarn from Orange Juice has hinted that there's going to be a new card that will be released together with the upcoming update. Could it be the rumored Jungle Berry? Check out more details in the video down below!

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