Over 150 Bundled NES Classic Edition Consoles Available On Amazon For $157

There are over 150 NES Classic Edition consoles that are currently available for purchase. It's listed at Amazon and is sold at a premium price of around $157.

The reason why the NES Classic Edition is having $157 price tag on its neck is because the said gaming console is offered in a bundle. Inside the bundle is the NES Classic Edition with 30 pre-loaded games that include legendary game titles such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, PAC-MAN, Dr. Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy and much more. It also comes with a standard HDMI cable, one old-school grey colored NES Classic controller and an AC adapter.

Other Controllers

The game console itself is also compatible with a Classic Controller Pro which is sold separately.  There are also other controllers that are available for purchase on the site, like the NES Classic Mini edition controller with 16ft extended link extension cable for only $13.80, My Arcade GamePad Classic which is a wireless controller that originally costs $19.99 is now priced at $14.99.  The Ortz Controller TURBO edition for $19.95, Mario Retro NES Classic Mini Edition with 6ft extend link extension cable for only $14.95, 8Bitdo NES30 Classic Edition wireless controller set with the Bluetooth retro receiver for $39.99, and much more.

Other Gadgets

For the Nintendo Switch fans, there is also a gadget being listed called HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch which is officially licensed by Nintendo. Basically, it allows the user to play the Nintendo Switch while charging in angled stand. It folds up for portability, has an adjustable angle and has rubberized grips for stability which costs $39.99.

Another gadget for the Nintendo Switch listed as "#1 Best Seller" is the amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 (2-Pack). The original price of this is $29.99 but has been cut down to $10.99.


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