iOS 10.3 Introduces New File System: Users Adviced To Back Up Data

When a phone's software is ready for updating, users tend not to think twice about getting the latest version of its operating system. However, Apple's upcoming iOS 10.3 update is going to make important changes that might put a user's data at risk. As such, users are advised to backup all vital details before downloading the update.

As noted by Mashable, the Cupertino-based tech giant will be unveiling a new file system with iOS 10.3. This is why users should be backing up their files now while they can. The update is expected to begin rolling out by the end of the month.

Business Insider called it the new Apple File System. This will replace the company's 30-year-old file system, HFS+. This is the file system that is currently found on all iOS devices. All devices will automatically convert to AFS once they are upgraded to iOS 10.3 However, if there are glitches that occur within the upgrade, then files are at the risk of being lost.

But even then, there is the risk that the files will not be read correctly anymore. In other words, files will not be readily transferable between operating system updates, simply because iOS 10.3 will not be able to read it. So if some details are lost within applications, it is not guaranteed that the items will be retrieved, or can be used again.

Developers have been playing around and learning about iOS 10.3 for about a month now and the general notion seems to be a positive one. The publication has reported that the new file system is quite popular, particularly because it will allow these third-party developers to do various other things with their pages, which HFS+ did not. This includes a stronger encryption, better management of large date, smaller space requirements, protection of files from crashes and improved times stamps.

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