Pokemon GO Guide: Ways On How To Find Mareep

It may have been over a week ago when Niantic added Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO but players are still trying their luck in finding them. They wish to capture Mareep that belongs to an uncommon category of monsters. However, they were surprised when it is not that easy to obtain.

Location Of Mareep In Pokemon GO

Some players have observed that the Pokemon is usually found in desert biomes together with other creatures such as Geodude and Chansey. In addition, players can find it on mountain parts of the area. They might also bump into monsters like Dragonite and Clefairy.

However, the players must remember that Mareep does not spawn in mountain biomes compared to desert biomes. It means that players must focus on capturing the Pokemon in the latter area because their chances to get one is higher.

Mareep is considered as uncommon Pokemon but players are starting to think that Niantic will make it rare for the upcoming Easter event in Pokemon GO. They believe that the creature will be more powerful because the event will be available soon.

Other Information About Mareep

The Pokemon's egg can be hatched within a 10-kilometer radius in Pokemon GO. If players are not lucky to find one in the desert or at the mountains, then they can still hope that they can get a Mareep egg and wait for it to be hatched, according to Heavy.

Before going into mountains or desert, players might also want to make sure first that there are Mareep nest around the area. They can access the Silph Road Atlas to aid them in searching, although it has been noted that players need to double check if the Pokemon is really available since many have commented that they have not seen one.

If the players' theories are correct, then Mareep might not be uncommon anymore. The Pokemon might actually belong in the rare category of Gen 2 in Pokemon GO.

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