Electric Luxury Concept Car From Startup Unveiled

A startup company backed by China has shown its newest electric concept car. The NIO Eve shows a bold, futuristic design. The electric luxury concept car from a startup has been unveiled.

The NIO Eve has drawn admiration from those who viewed it at the SXSW Interactive. The car comes from NIO, a startup which is backed by several Chinese firms. The company also has people that have worked with Tesla, Ford and Lyft. The Eve is still a concept car, but its bold design shows how driverless cars might look like soon.

One of the features of the Eve is its interior glass. It can also serve as smart displays. This innovation shows the Eve to be US CEO Padmasree Warrior has said, that the car would serve as a companion and mobile living area.

The NIO Eve has been displayed together with the EP9. The EP9 is also a driverless concept car from NIO and currently holds the record of the fastest driverless car. Its speed reached 160 mph at the Circuits of the Americas.

The NIO Eve can run on what is called the artificial intelligence engine, according to The Verge. This artificial intelligence engine is called NOMI and it controls the car. However, the Eve can also be manually controlled if needed. The Eve is planned to have a US launch by 2020.

NIO though would be coming in to a market that is already filling up fast. Established companies such as Fiat, Volvo and Uber are getting into the driverless electric car market, as USA Today reports. Other companies such as Faraday Future and Lucid are also coming in with their own electric cars. Tesla itself has already established electric luxury cars in the market.

The NIO Eve is said to have a range of 600 miles. It could also have wireless recharging which could give it an additional 200 miles on a ten minute charge. However, since the NIO Eve is still a concept car, those features might still be changed or else not included.

Driverless electric cars could be the future for the automotive industry. The NIO Eve could be one of those cars, an electric luxury concept car from a startup that has recently been unveiled. Volkswagen also has a driverless concept car in the Sedric.

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