New Concept Cars Could Very Well Revolutionize Driving

This year, a number of concept cars have already been shown. These concept cars range from those showing its interior, to innovations that can be lifted by a drone. New concept cars could very well revolutionize driving.

Concept cars usually showcase what a company can offer for people. Such cars can either become a reality, or else remain only as concepts. Many of them show what could possibly be the future of cars today.

Airbus is known for its commercial planes. It is trying out its own take of a concept car though. The concept car from Airbus is a two-seater that can be lifted by a drone. The drone has four large rotors, and in the center it has a body on which the car would be attached. The Airbus concept is called the Pop.Up System and would have a range of 100 kilometers.

BMW has its own concept as well. Instead of a car, BMW has a concept of what a future car interior would be like. BMW has the i Inside Future and shows how the interior of a driverless car would look like. The interior has a large space inside, which is designed for comfort.

Volkswagen has two concept cars in store for people. One of them is the Sedric, a robotic driverless car that has a roomy space inside. The Sedric is fully automated and can even find its own parking space, according to Business Insider.

Another concept car from Volkswagen is a modern take on the classic Volkswagen Kombi. Its modern version is called the I.D. Buzz and has a range of 270 miles. It will have radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors to navigate it. The I.D. Buzz can be opened by the driver through a smartphone.

Rinspeed has shown its concept car, which is called the Oasis. The car has its own garden inside, complete with bonsai trees, as The Economic Times reports. It has a large touchscreen inside that can respond to voice and gesture controls. The car also has a heads-up display (HUD) that warns the driver of any obstacles.

Concept cars are innovations that could possibly be the future, or else they could remain in the concept stage. New concept cars could very well revolutionize driving. GM also has the Bolt, which is a new electric car in the market.

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