Netflix's 'Iron Fist' Reportedly Disappointing; Finn Jones Responds

Netflix has just released its latest Marvel series. Despite the hype, reports say that the show turned out to be a disappointment. People have a lot of expectations about the show since it was the final installment before Netflix released “The Defenders”. In light of the criticisms, “Iron Fist” star Finn Jones has responded and defended the series.

How Bad Is The Netflix's "Iron Fist" Series?

According to most viewers, especially those who have been a fan of the Marvel series aired by Netflix, it was really bad. It was a far cry from “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage”, and “Daredevil”, which all delivered great stories. Fans expected “Iron Fist” to be as good as the three Marvel series, but the show did not match their expectations.  Although there were some good areas about the show, the bad sides were too much to tolerate.

Rumors suggest that the first six episodes of “Iron Fist” were boring because most of the time it tackled the legal issues of Danny Rand taking over the company. Then when the show aired a fight scene, viewers thought that it lacks interesting details that they have been expecting for the longest time. The fans also observed was the lack of appearance from Iron Fist’s golden fist, which pretty much makes him more of a badass.

Finn Jones Responds To Negative Reviews

Just a few days after Netflix released “Iron Fist”, Finn Jones gave a statement regarding the negative reviews that the show is getting. Despite criticisms, he is still confident to say that “Iron Fist” is as good as the three Netflix Marvel series. About the bad reviews, he said that viewers are being very specific with their expectations. “I also think some of the reviews we saw were seeing the show through a very specific lens,” he stated.

Jones firmly believes that “Iron Fist” is fun and undoubtedly stands up well along with the other “The Defenders” shows. He said that the show was made so that fans would enjoy. He reiterated that “Iron Fist”, along with the other Marvel shows, was made for the fans and not for critics.

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