Xbox Executive Admits On Console's Poor Social Media

Xbox is far from being selfish when it comes to responding to people's sentiments online. This is recently evidenced by Xbox executive Mike Ybarra's comment on a fan's complaint about a console's feature. Apparently, a certain fan took to Twitter to say that the Xbox software team needs to work on the console's social media-sharing feature, at least before Scorpio hits the market.

Xbox Comments On Its Poor Social Media Sharing Feature

Ybarra responded to the tweet saying that the Xbox team is "on it" and that they are aware of the problem. The executive said that the problem should have been fixed a long time ago. He also described the current status of the feature as "bad".

Needless to say, there will always be a question of how necessary the social media sharing tool is for gamers. Considering that not everyone relies so much on social media, this Xbox feature is understandably not a priority. Nonetheless, the fan tweet in question pointed out this feature's importance in sharing the users' screenshots to Twitter.

Xbox's Project Scorpio

Nevertheless, there's still no assurance as to whether or not this certain improvement will be hitting Project Scorpio. Ybarra's comment saying that the team "is on it" is quite vague. With that, it is still unsure as to whether the said improvement is really a part of the Xbox team's goal for Scorpio or is it just a side task that gets no priority.

As for the Project Scorpio, a bunch of rumors are surfacing about its release. There are rumors saying that Xbox's long-awaited launch is happening late 2017. There are also more specific predictions that expect Project Scorpio to come during this year's holiday season. As for feature expectations, it was said that major hardware upgrades will be coming in alongside 4K gameplays and virtual reality support. Backward compatibility with all Xbox One hardware and software is also expected.

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