Pokemon GO Guide: Best Attackers And Defenders From Gen 2 Every Player Must Know

Gen 2 Pokemon are stronger compared to the Gen 1 that were first available in Pokemon GO.  The players are trying to find out what is the best creature that they can catch in order to strengthen their team. Fortunately, there are details about their stats that were confirmed by Nintendo that can help players decide.

The Best Attackers In Pokemon GO's Gen 2

Of course, everybody knows that Espeon has the best offensive skills with its base attack of 261. However, it does not mean that it is also the best defender in Gen 2 Pokemon. Shuckle might be the weakest, but its defensive skills are commendable with a base defense of 391.

Next from Espeon is Ho-Oh that has a base attack of 263 and is quite good with a defense base of 301. According to Heavy, Tyranitar is on the third spot of attackers with its 251 base attack and good defensive skill base of 202.

Furthermore, Raikou also has a 241 base attack and a base defense of 210. Scizor and Ursaring both has attacking skills of 236. They only differ with their base defense since the former has 191 while the latter has 144. Next is Entei with 235 attack and 176 defense.

Houndoom, on the other hand, has offensive skills of 224 and defensive skills of 159. Quilava and Typhlosion both have 223 base attack and base defense in Pokemon GO. Lastly, players should pick Ampharos least with its base attack of 211.

The Best Defenders In Pokemon GO Gen 2

As per Slash Gear, the best defender, for this month at least, is Dragonite. However, though, Dragonite does not belong to Gen 2 but if the players want to use a Pokemon from the newest generation, then they have to pick Heracross, which has a 234 base attack and base defense of 189.

In addition, players can use Blissey in Pokemon GO. Many players have commented about Blissey's power with a defensive skill of 229, which only a fire or steel Pokemon can defeat.

Hopefully, players will be able to catch all the Gen 2 with the best attack and defense skill in order to win in any battle in Pokemon GO. They just need to have the right data for them to know what they have to catch and train.

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