Apple iPhone 8 Name Revealed As 'iPhone Edition'

After releasing a new batch of iPhone 7s and 7s Plus units this year, Apple is going to release an "iPhone Edition" which is the so-called iPhone 8. According to a report, this year is Apple iPhone's most complicated release dates ever. The much awaited iPhone Edition will be the firm's flagship and it will mark the tenth year anniversary of iPhone.

Apple iPhone Edition Features

As reported by Independent, the Apple iPhone Edition will have a 5-inch screen and will be made out of strange new materials. In addition to that, it is also expected to come with a tremendous display that brings up more of the front part of the phone. Features such as special cameras for 3D images as well as wireless charging will also be seen on the upcoming Apple iPhone Edition.

Apple will release the new iPhone later this year because the tech giant confirmed that they still need time to test out their new materials. As of now, the rumored variants are being prototyped without any keys including the home button at the bottom of the screen. Macotakara website, a reliable Japanese blog, also mentioned that Apple is experimenting the range of materials which includes the glass, ceramic and aluminum they are about to use.

Apple iPhone Edition Price

According to The Sun, Apple has a long way to go before settling on any final and particular design for the rumored iPhone Edition. However, Apple is well known for sending products information to different industries ahead of its release date, which could help critics to clearly identify the upcoming device. Therefore, the iPhone Edition could follow in the footsteps of the Apple's Watch Edition, which costs around £820 or approximately $1000.

The decision of Apple to change the materials of the new iPhone flagship is leading to some people suggesting that the iPhone edition will really cost a lot. That would be in harmony with the Apple Watch Edition, which also used the same internal elements but is made out of special materials. Remember that the first release of Apple Watch Edition comes in Gold and Rose Gold then followed by ceramic as its latest version.


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