Nintendo On Dock Scratching The Switch's Display Issue; 'We Haven't Seen It'

The Nintendo Switch has just been released this past couple of weeks and since then, a majority of the owners of the console have been happy with the device as it brings games to a whole new level of experience and gameplay. Also, it has relatively been enjoying the immense success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, not all owners have been enjoying the Nintendo Switch as report after report of defects and problems have surfaced, which affected the entire experience with the console.

The Nintendo Switch And More

Speaking with Time Magazine, Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aimé goes on to comment about everything that concerns the newly released console. Fils-Aimé goes on to say in the interview that the Nintendo Switch continues to be the fastest selling gaming console that the company has ever released in the Unites States. And a part of that success is due to the fact that the highly acclaimed game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released on the Nintendo Switch.

And although the Nintendo Switch has been enjoying its success, there are owners who are bound to get consoles that have defects or owners who have encountered problems with the device. When asked about these problems, Fils-Aimé goes into detail what the company knows and are doing to solve these problems that the owners are experiencing.

Problems With The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been reported by a number of owners to be suffering a wide range of problems including Joycon connectivity issues, dead pixels, system crashes, overheating, terrible Wi-Fi range, the Nintendo Switch screens get scratched when taken out of the dock and a lot more. However, an article by Digital Spy narrows down the Fils-Aimé reply to a specific issue.

According to the website, Fils-Aimé was asked about the issue where docks damage the screen of the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo of America President says that the company has literally done hundreds of events and tours with the console, which started last January, and as soon as he heard the issue, he asked the Switch's development team about it and they said that they haven't seen it in their experience.

Fils-Aimé goes on to say that through all of the events and tours that they have docked and undocked the Nintendo Switch, "they haven't seen it". Furthermore, he says that if this is happening the company wants to understand more about it. So if owners are experiencing this kind of problem, Fils-Aimé encourages them to reach out to the company through their support site.

Given that the console is in its infancy, like any other console, there are bound to be a few problems here and there. Future owners can just hope that with the coming updates and upgrades to the Nintendo Switch, that most, if not all of these problems would be solved by then.

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