This Speed Limit Chart Is What Every Pokemon GO Player Needs

During the early days of Pokemon GO, players had various tricks when it comes to catching and/or hatching creatures. While there are those who stick to the rule, some just resort to abuse it. This led to Niantic's implementation of multiple rules, one of which is the speed limit. Apparently though, not everyone in the community seems to like it. In reality, however, understanding will actually yield better results.

It holds true that players have a love and hate relationship with the aforementioned restriction. First and foremost, it keeps them from being able to hatch eggs in a much faster pace. Second, it somehow affects their chances of acquiring more items from PokeStops. Regardless, this has been placed for one sole reason -- to ensure the safety of players, that is.

Nevertheless, there's a way for Pokemon GO players to maximize the speed limit implemented by Niantic. In a chart courtesy of GeekR8, it details the corresponding speed limits along with some detailed explanation. The publication suggests that the moment players understand it, the more likely for them to utilize it to their advantage.

For instance, the Egg/Buddy Distance tracking limit is at 17.8 km/h with a speed limit of 11 mph. Here, players just need to know when it's best to apply. Or perhaps they can have their own set of strategies as long as they don't abuse the rule. The chart also discusses the PokeStop Speedlock limit, which is at 30km/h (Speed Limit km/h) and 18.6 mph (Speed Limit mph). It's worth noting that it tends to go around once again as soon as players go below the set threshold.

For Pokemon GO players who want to make use of their Incense, the chart also displays the recommended figures. Basically, the ideal travel speed when using this item is 15 km/h (or 9.3 mph). Doing so will result to players acquiring less than one spawn per minute. This isn't bad really.

In related news, Forbes reports that playing Pokemon GO actually offers some serious health benefits. In a study, participants were known to have walked almost 2,000 steps each day just by playing it. Heck, those who have started playing it since day one are said to have added 3,000 more steps each day. This just goes to show how effective the Augmented Reality technology is.

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