Ubisoft Should Introduce These Factions To For Honor

When Ubisoft first introduced For Honor, it quickly captured the hearts of players. They saw a great franchise potential, especially with intense and epic battle it promises. But of course, in the gaming industry, not all are moonlight and roses. Sometimes, fans do get frustrated. One of the things the community has been clamoring for is an addition to the current faction roster. Many believe that it's time for the studio to introduce newer ones.

In an article from WhatCulture, players will get to see some of the most interesting -- and possible -- factions the video game company can add to For Honor. While they are lovely to look and ponder upon, note that these are not official. In fact, as of this writing, the studio has remained vague when it comes to such topic. Regardless, they are all worth investigating.

First on the list are the Polynesian Warriors. With the brute force they are known for, their arrival to the game is almost perfect. These warriors are equipped with the skill of close combat. Heck, they are even brutal despite wielding a wooden weaponry. Next to this faction are the Scottish Warriors. Of course, when people talk about this, they can't help but think about actor Mel Gibson's portrayal of William Wallace from the movie "Braveheart." That alone is proof that these men are worth of honor in Ubisoft's game.

Adding to the list are the Assassins. This is actually one of the floating speculations within the For Honor community. Lots of fans are suggesting that the studio might just resort to adding this group to the game. But then again, the idea of how they will be implemented remains a mystery. Concluding the list here are the Ottomans. The addition of these dudes right here is somewhat a new direction. That's because they're a stray from the typical Western and Eastern factions that the game already possesses.

In related For Honor news, XboxAchievements reports that the video game company has officially confirmed the upcoming arrival of new ornaments and effects. This will be made via an update. As a matter of fact, each of the heroes in the game will receive their very own ornament -- all of which are unique.

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