Ubisoft To Release New Set Of Cosmetic Upgrades To For Honor

In any games like For Honor, cosmetics play a huge part. Well, it may not necessarily affect the gameplay; however, it somehow gives the aesthetics departing an interesting aspect. And this is exactly where Ubisoft is heading. That despite the saddening reports about the game's player pool, the studio is still set to bring a good number of upgrades to the game.

According to PCGamesN, following the release of the first ever balance patch, the studio is bringing a couple of new cosmetics. Among these -- deemed to be the biggest yet -- are the brand new ornaments. Heck, the developers have even given the helms a little bit of a twist. But of course, there are more to look forward to.

The aforementioned upgrades will arrive to For Honor via Ubisoft's Season Pass. All in all, there are twelve headpieces to choose from. Obviously, it means that there's one in every playable class or character in the game. They differ greatly from each other, but the weirdness and detail art they have are quite similar. For anyone who's interested to check all of these headgears, they can be accessed via Imgur here.

It's worth noting that the studio revealed the aforementioned items during one of the game's livestreams. The latter, as any fan would know, happens, at least, once every week. It runs a total of two hours, with the footages accessible to the general public via the title's official Twitch channel. The recent show also features the brand new emotes as well as the mechanical changes the video game company are bringing.

It should be noted also that For Honor has experienced a huge drought lately. That's because the game's player pool on Steam has greatly decreased. Reports suggest that a deluge of PC players have removed themselves from the game. And what's surprising? The figure plummeted significantly. Nonetheless, this didn't stop the Ubisoft from supporting the game. In fact, two new classes (via a DLC) will soon arrive to the game. These are namely the Ninja and the Centurion.

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