Here's How To Effectively Increase Evolutionary Item Drop Rate In Pokemon GO

Everything went a notch higher when Niantic finally released the second generation of pocket monsters -- commonly known as Gen 2 -- to Pokémon GO. But of course, it wasn't just all about the new creatures. That's because the studio also added a couple of evolutionary items, things that are used to, well, evolve Pokémon. The only catch here, though, is that these stuff are incredibly rare. It is almost impossible for players to acquire them. Well, there is actually a workaround worth checking out.

According to Mic, among the newest evolutionary items in the game are the metal coat and the dragon scale. While they are of great significance, players find them really difficult to obtain. As a result, most of them are complaining on social media sites and forums, suggesting that the studio should have at least made it quite accessible to the general public. Unfortunately, this is not the theme of the game now.

However, as discussed in the popular Reddit Pokémon GO community, The Silph Road, there's a secret to getting these items directly from PokeStops. This is courtesy of user Mojurico, who insists that he was able to obtain one metal coat through a seven-day PokeStop streak. Not just that. Over the span of two days or so, three additional items were added to this list.

So how did the aforementioned player do it? He explained that the items he acquired were all during a stop he did at exactly 4:50 PM. And with the chances he got, it seems to not be a coincidence at all. Nonetheless, some players on the said forum site are skeptical. They suggest that it might just be out of pure luck.

The admins of the Reddit forum for Pokémon GO, however, did not reject the possibility. Instead, they argued that this could actually be the pattern (or perhaps one of the patterns) Niantic implemented. For now, it might be a better idea to give it a try. It could be everyday or every other day. The trick is to simply give it a try and observe.

In related Pokémon GO news, a new game is starting to make huge waves in the United Kingdom, as reported by CNBC. It is actually a title inspired by Niantic's tentpole franchise. It's called Snatch, which was launched to the said country last month. Interestingly, it caught the interest and attention of the people out there.

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