Massive Ban Wave Hits For Honor, Targeting Exploiters

It seems Ubisoft is favorite when it comes to exploitations, following a recent issue that plagued its latest title For Honor. It's worth noting, however, that the studio has already warned the public about AFK farmers beforehand. That someday, in one way or another, necessary actions will be implemented. This is most especially when such behavior continues to exist in the game. Alas, these exploiters did not listen. As a result, the video game company has put down the banhammer for them all.

In the aforementioned game, players are able to gain both experience points and items (loot) through completing various matches. The only catch, as reported by Eurogamer, is that they don't necessarily have to do something significant in the match. So how? Well, players can do away with just moving -- literally moving -- to obtain the rewards.

This is not to mention the lack of a boot player mechanic, allowing For Honor players to simply go AFK right off the bat. In fact, players have tried multiple ways to abuse this or take advantage of the situation. For instance, there are those who try to put rubber bands on their joystick to keep their characters moving without them having to control it. Obviously, this is a very disappointing scenario particularly to players who try their best to play by the rules.

Fortunately, Ubisoft was well aware of the exploitations, announcing last March 3 that dealing with this case is their main priority. They even went to inform the community that they are watching every single match, ensuring that the correct amount of data is gathered. This was following by warnings, giving the community a heads up.

Again, most AFK farmers in For Honor did not listen. They would rather go ahead with the exploitation and forget everything the developers said. As a result, most of them were included in the first ban wave implemented by the video game company. There are around 1500 players who received a three-day ban while the other 4000 players were given a first warning, as noted by VG247. The studio iterated that using such demeanor in the game is a huge no-no in the company's Code of Conduct.

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