‘Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 2 Episode, 14 Spoilers: The Legends Face Trouble

By Dez Bryant , Mar 15, 2017 04:29 AM EDT

Aside from Rip Hunter bringing down their ship on the last episode, it seems that the Legends are not having any break, as their team destines to fight for their lives against the Legion Of Doom in Episode 14.

Welcome Back, Captain Rip Hunter

The story which was unfolded last week was a preview of the Legends' turmoil. It is still unclear why the Gideon still responds to Captain Rip Hunter, knowing that the Captain has already joined the other side. The other question would be, what will Captain Rip Hunter do with the golden medallion. However, a sudden turn of events, Jax and Sara was able to convince and bring back the old Waverider.

The next episode, entitled "Moonshot", will provide detailed information on the storyline between Legion of Doom and The Legends of Tomorrow. As seen on the biggest TV crossover before, Legion of Doom has a handful of villains who can get rid of the Legends anytime they want to. Captain Rip Hunter had a few collisions with the Legion of Doom. Actually, the Waverider was once a captive of the destructive force of Eobard Thawne, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn.

The Legion Of Doom

Legion of Doom is calculative. Not only the team is powerful physically but the team also outsmarts other heroes - either "Legends Of Tomorrow" or "Arrow". The "Moonshot" episode will show how vital the Spear Of Destiny is. Apparently, when the heroes tracked down the commander, they found out that Nate's grandfather hid a part of the spear.

Also, the Waverider will be experiencing massive damage which will further delay their plans. As for Ray Palmer, the unlucky character's life is in trouble again because he is trapped on the moon.

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