Battlefield 1 News: First DLC Arrives, 90-Minute Gameplay Revealed

At long last, the first ever DLC for the highly celebrated shooter game Battlefield 1 has arrived. It's called They Shall Not Pass, which is made available across all platforms (e.g. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC). But of course, it's available for Premium Pass (sold at $50) owners as of the moment. Regular players will have access (if they buy it) to after two weeks from now - March 28, that is.

According to GameSpot, the aforementioned content is acquirable for PC via the Origin. Unfortunately, for players who own Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation, they may have to wait a little bit longer. Well, actually there's just a small difference in terms of release times between the consoles and the PC. For anyone who was wondering, the game's official server has to be taken down in preparation for this expansion.

In its most organic form, the first Battlefield 1 DLC will introduce a new army -- the French army, that is. Additionally, a total of four new maps will be added, all of which are set in France. This already includes a new set of weapons (six in total, all unlockable), two brand new Operations and four melee weapons. And of course, players will get to experience the thrill of riding the Behemoth.

It is basically the titular Char 2C tank. Lastly, there is a new elite class in the form of the Trench Rider as well as a new mode called the Frontlines. All of these will be made available via the aforesaid content. Moreover, the first 90-minutes of the content's gameplay has been revealed, as reported by Eurogamer. This can be checked via the embedded video below.

It should be noted that due to the They Shall Not Pass DLC, Battlefield 1 will have a so-called mandatory update. This will affect all of the players in the different platforms. The main addition to this is the Spectator Mode. Players will also notice the set of grenades as well as some huge changes in the weapon balance system. Furthermore, the newly arrived update aims to fix a couple of bugs and issues in the game. Among these is when rain happens indoors on one of the maps of the game, particularly on the Giant's Shadow map.

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