Complete Battlefield 1 DLCs For This Year Revealed In Details

Sometime last year, developer DICE revealed that Battlefield 1 will soon receive its first ever expansion. It's no other than the They Shall Not Pass DLC. Apparently, there will be more contents following this. Well, actually, there will be three additional expansions. And now, the studio along with publisher EA have fully unveiled in details what these will be about.

According to GameSpot, the four Battlefield 1 DLCs will be made available to player as individual purchases. Or perhaps for Premium Pass owners, it'll be part of the titular shooter game for only $150. The first expansion is the aforementioned DLC, which will bring players to the World War 1 era. Here, they'll have the chance the play the French army.

The second expansion coming to Battlefield 1 is no other than Name of the Tsar. Here, players will reportedly go into the battle land as one of the Russian armies. They'll also be able to ride the so-called "legendary Hussars." The latter is best known for being part of the historic Brusilov offensive as well as the Albion assault.

The third Battlefield 1 DLC will offer a naval focus, and is called Turning Tides. Moreover, new vehicles are to be expected. These are basically a destroyer and a coastal class airship. Apart from these, players will experience the infamous Zeebrugge raid. They'll also be storming the beautiful beaches of Gallipoli.

PVPLive, on the other hand, reports that the fourth Battlefield 1 DLC is called Apocalypse. Unfortunately though, the studios didn't reveal anything specific about this content unlike the ones mentioned above. However, it's confirmed to bring players the experience of fighting the most epic battles in the history of the Great War (WW1). Furthermore, this DLC is expected to introduce a total of three new melee weapons as well as unique weapons that have been created out of "desperation and deadlock."

No exact release dates have been announced by DICE for the forthcoming Battlefield 1 DLCs. However, each of these contents are believed to be unleashed in every quarter of the year. So, in a sense, more information will be revealed about these expansions in the new few months or so.

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