Are Zombies Coming To Battlefield 1 Soon?

There's no doubt that They Shall Not Pass DLC is what most Battlefield 1 players are excited about these days. After all, it's the game's first ever expansion. However, it seems a rather odd yet satisfying content is coming to the game. It's basically a Zombies content, something that's a trend in most games nowadays.

According to WWG, the aforementioned content isn't entirely new to other games, except Battlefield 1. Why? That's because this kind of thing is barely associated with any other AAA franchise in history. It holds true, though, that it has proven to be a great addition to some titles. These includes, but not limited to, Red Dead Redemption (Undead Nightmare) and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Zombies in Spacetime).

However, since such content proves to be a success (or perhaps highly celebrated), it would make sense if developer DICE introduces it to Battlefield 1. Heck, this is actually becoming a thing already within the community. Some players who are having a great time testing the forthcoming DLC in the game's CTE (Community Test Environment) have noticed some strange noises. These sounds, in one way or another, are odd. They can be heard when playing one of the four new maps called Fort Vaux.

To bring this to a discussion, the said Battlefield 1 players uploaded a couple of videos (one embedded below). As seen or heard in the video, something's screaming whenever a player walks through the map. As obvious as it can be, it can easily be determined that it's not coming from a human throat. If anything else, this could be coming from a Zombie. It may be a sign that the studio is looking to put these monsters into the game sooner or later.

In related Battlefield 1 news, the list of confirmed weapons coming to the game via the They Shall Not Pass DLC has been revealed. As reported by GameRant, although these weapons are exciting to own, they aren't entirely new. They're basically variants of other guns or weapons, all of which have been introduced to the game already.

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