iPhone 8 Mysteries Unveiled; Latest Design Cause Expensive Price

In relation to its competition in the smartphone market, Apple's handhelds have always been a little pricey. But with the iPhone 8 being the company's anniversary device, notable changes are expected to be made. These changes, such as the curved OLED screen, are expected to push the phone's price even higher.

It has been going around the rumor mill that the iPhone 8 will arrive fitted with a curved OLED screen, which would mark a first for the Cupertino tech giant. Reports have been back and forth about it, but BGR recently claimed that a curved OLED screen would make it to the device. However, it will not have a steep slope like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Instead, Apple has reportedly opted for a gentler and smaller curve. The shallower decline will apparently fix the issues with making the curved glass that will match the display. The viewable area of the phone's face will be about 5.2 inches for the standard unit, but the slope itself will not provide any additional features.

But while the change is likely to be aesthetically and visually pleasing, it will have its cost implications. It is generally known that an OLED screen is more expensive than Apple's standard LCD screen, but Forbes has reported that it will also cause other pricey changes to the rest of the phone. 3D Touch module makers TPK Holding and General Interface Solutions, for example, has already announced that it will charge 60 percent more for modules that work with OLED.

The 3D touch module of the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus reportedly cost about US$9. But with the upcoming iPhone 8, this price will increase to US$15. It does not seem that significant, but there are other parts to consider as well, such as the previously mentioned glass cover. The 10th anniversary iPhone has not been confirmed for an announcement or launch, but Apple is expected to hold the unveiling sometime in September.

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