Data Mine Code Suggests Upcoming Arrival Of Shiny Pokemon GO Monsters

The release of Gen 2 update has brought Pokémon GO back to its throne, as players start to hit outside and capture creatures in the wild. While this is an interesting event in the game, one can't deny the fact that it's still missing some sort of pocket monsters. Well, this is no other than the Shiny Pokémon. Surprisingly, data miners have acquired information, suggesting that these beasts are on its way.

According to GeekR8, a code pertaining to the aforementioned Pokémon was recently discovered in Niantic's hit title Pokémon GO. However, nothing official has yet been confirmed or announced by the studio. Nonetheless, this is a very interesting find

So what are Shiny Pokémon? What makes them unique and special in the game? These type of creatures are basically special variants of a typical specie. They appear different from the regular ones, thus are appealing to the eyes of the players. The entire roster of pocket monsters -- be it Generation 1 or Generation 2 -- have their respective shiny counterparts.

In Pokémon GO, it has long been rumored that these shiny creatures will soon arrive. However, until now, they are nowhere to be found. The newly discovered code is by far the closest thing the fandom has ever got to the existence of these Pokémon. However, since most of the data mined information eventually come true, the arrival of these shiny counterparts is worth looking forward to.

In related news, Forbes suggests that the Legendaries can't simply be introduced to the game without prior changes made. That basically, in order for this to happen, the game must be readily stable. For instance, their arrival will definitely mean a boost in the Pokémon GO player pool and the number of players staying online. This will definitely affect the game's official servers, which, if not stable enough, will cause performance issues and stuff.

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