Latest For Honor Patch Fixes Matchmaking, Connection Issues

Ubisoft is trying to fix things in For Honor, as players start to find a good number of issues. Among these is the constant failure of the game to connect accordingly. Add to this, the unstableness of matchmaking. These are understandable, though, given the fact that the game is still new. Well, at least, the studio is making huge efforts to counter these problems and this is exactly what Patch 1.03 is all about.

According to PVPLive, a Live update 2 for the aforementioned patch in For Honor has been revealed. This update has fixed two infamous bugs in the game, the issue in the multiplayer matchmaking and the unstableness of the overall matchmaking. The second update is meant to go live at 1 PM EST shortly after a quick maintenance. The latter, obviously, is meant to pave the way for the aforesaid patch.

Ubisoft announced that the maintenance should only last 10 to 15 minutes. After that, Patch 1.03 will go live and implement changes. The studio iterated that they are fully aware of the errors players are experiencing within the game. That these errors don't only affect the stability of the game, they also cause connectivity issues. The video game company is said to continue with the monitoring activity even after deploying the patch. This is meant to quickly counter any possible issues that will arise, allowing the developers to retaliate accordingly.

It should be noted though that due to this Live Update for For Honor, a glitch has surfaced. It affected the graphical system of the Conquerors weapon during his death animation. Players need not to worry, though. That's because as soon as the forthcoming update arrives, this glitch will be fixed.

In related For Honor news, KitGuru reports that the studio has finally banned the players involved in AFK farming. The latter is where players try to exploit to gain experience points and rewards. They try to stick a rubber band on the console's joystick, allowing the character to move freely. Unfortunately for them, the video game company has had enough.

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