Here Are Five New Things Coming To Age Of Triumph In Destiny; Gear, Ornaments, Rewards And More

Age of Triumph is Destiny's send off to the game before Destiny 2 comes out late this year. The second livestream for the upcoming event talks about the important features, gear, ornament and new rewards the event will have.

Destiny Age Of Triumph Things We Need To Know

When Age of Triumph goes live on March 28, 2017, players who log in will be given quest by The Speaker and this is how the event will begin for everyone. The quest will guide the player through all the activities available in Destiny during Age of Triumph and this is the best way players can enjoy the game for one last time before Bungie focuses on Destiny 2.

There will also be new Eververse loot boxes or treasure in Destiny when Age of Triumph begins. These lootboxes are called Treasure of Ages that can now be obtained from three other sources for those who don't want to pay money. Although the items will not be carried over to Destiny 2, the box may contain any item that has been a part of previous live events. The Silver Dust Vendor will also be updated with the new items so anyone collecting them all might be able to buy it from there.

During Age of Triumph, Lord Shaxx will have two weekly bounties. New activities and weekly quest, which will also contain new rewards, will come to Destiny when Age of Triumph goes live. Treasure of Ages and Legendary Marks will be rewarded from the Crucible, Weekly Story Playlist and Siva Crisis Heroic. Blue flames will also be coming back which is a buff that increases EXP from all activities that can be obtained by doing Nightfall at least once a week.

Destiny 2 After Age Of Triumph

Players who watched the second stream from Bungie will be disappointed to know that no details regarding Destiny 2 were mentioned. The stream was focused on the upcoming Age of Triumph live event that will be going live on March 28. The third and final stream for the event will happen next week on Wednesday, March 22.

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