Nintendo Switch Bugs, Updates: Wi-Fi Causes The Framerate Drop, Anonymous Developer Says

The Nintendo Switch has been enjoying the success of its launch and more so in the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Majority of the owners are enjoying the console's unique experience and gameplay. However, some owners are experiencing problems with the critically acclaimed console.

Nintendo Switch Problems Including Framerate Drops

It was previously reported that although majority of the owners of the Nintendo Switch are happy and contented with their consoles, some owners are actually experiencing problems with the hybrid console. Some of these problems are superficial, while some serious ones are affecting the whole experience of the Nintendo Switch.

An article by Destructoid narrated that aside from the common problems of the Nintendo Switch, another shallow problem has surfaced which apparently makes some owners of the Nintendo Switch experience Framerate Drops. When taken into detail, what happens is that players experience a momentary freeze or pause during the run of any Nintendo Switch games.

Furthermore, the article also includes the statement of an anonymous third party developer for the Nintendo Switch that sheds some light on the problem. The anonymous third party Developer said that there is a known issue with the console's Wi-Fi connection, which places an additional load on the processor. As a result, this additional load affects the Framerate.

Temporary Fix For The Framedrop

Nintendo Life details the comments of one of its readers named JunkRabbit. The user comments that the Framerate drop happens randomly and that he believes that it is not the fault of any games, but that of the console trying to connect periodically to Wi-Fi even when there is none available. Although this function is supposed to happen in the background, it still affects the games.

He first noticed the Framerate drop in Fast RMX and then at Setsuna, he goes on to mention that having framerate drops at games with locked FPS is nonsense. At some point, JunkRabbit decided to turn off his Nintendo Switch's "Auto Connect" option, and afterwards, he mentions that he hasn't experienced any Framerate Drop that are out of the ordinary beyond those that are usually found in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

On a positive note, the anonymous third party Developer also mentions that Nintendo is already aware of the problem and that the company is planning to fix this minor issue in the upcoming firmware update. Hopefully, Nintendo goes through this process of elimination as fast as they can so that owners can enjoy the full range of experience that the Nintendo Switch offers.

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