Clash Royale: Why Climbing Trophies Is A Lot Harder Now; Is The New Matchmaking System To Blame?

Clash Royale recently revealed the huge March update and it contains a myriad of changes and new features, which will be added into the game. One of the major changes is the renaming of the current Legendary Arena into the Hog Mountain and adding a new and final arena called Arena 11. With the new set of hefty rewards for climbing trophies especially with the new League System, players are hoping to raise their current trophies and climb atop of the ladder but it seems that it takes a lot of effort now than it was in the past. What actually changed?

Clash Royale : Is The New Matchmaking System Disrupting Trophy Farming?

Fans from the Clash Royale subreddit have expressed their concerns regarding their climb to the new legendary arena. For the most part, instead of pooling trophies, they met series of losses after encountering players that have tons of maxed out cards and BPs that are way above their current level. According to the users, this problem started with the latest update, which they claimed to have changed the previous matchmaking system.

In one post, the user stated that the current matchmaking system is bad for players that have high BPs but have few card levels. Fans pointed out that while the current system matches the user against players that have similar trophy level, it still prioritizes the BPs over trophies. The problem, however, is that for the most part, players are paired with opponents that have higher BPs than theirs which makes it a lot harder for them to win the match-up. Check out the log here.

Is The Update To blame?

The March update did not contain clues regarding drastic changes on the matchmaking system. The new set of hurdles that many players are facing may stem from the fact that a lot of top-tiered players are crawling their way to the new Arena 11 and basically wanted to enter a League. Basically, the competition towards the top ladder is much harsher today, than it was before as gaining more trophies becomes even more rewarding than it once was.

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