Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass Guide: How To Win In Operations

Recently, the They Shall Not Pass DLC was released in Battlefield 1, which improved the gameplay to become more interesting. In addition, some players have noted the latest content has made the Operations mode better compared when they were first released.

If players are having a hard time finishing both Beyond the Marne and Devil's Anvil, then they need to use grenades and other explosives in order to move forward. They must know that shooting will not be enough and can result to losing in the Operations.

However, explosives such as Assault's Dynamite or Support's crossbow launcher will not wipe out the enemy but will lessen their power. They still need to strategize in Battlefield 1 if they want to survive the two Operations in the game.

Next, players must know how to flank their enemies in Battlefield 1's Operations. They need to do that in order to surprise their enemies because there will always be a blindspot when engaged in the modes. They can use the several advantages in the maps to flank their enemies.

According to Inverse, the next way to beat the enemies in Operations is knowing how to use shotguns in Battlefield 1. The players can use Model 10-A and M97 Trench Gun. Although, they must hide first before they aim to shoot their enemies.

Lastly, since a new tank behemoth called the Char 2C is now part of Battlefield 1, the players must use it when engaged in Beyond the Marne. As per USGamer, the Operation is a heavily armored vehicle, so players must know how to control the tank in order to survive.

Hopefully, players will be able to defeat the two new Operations added in Battlefield 1. Furthermore, players should maximize every area of the maps in order to bring down their enemies.

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