Google's Family Link Makes Parental Gadget Control A Cinch

By Ana Cordero , Mar 17, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

The trouble with the ease and efficiency of technology is that children easily pick up on the use of gadgets as well. And while this is arguably not such a bad skill to have, excessive use of tech devices such as tablets and smartphones sometimes pose negative effects on younger individuals. Which is why Google has developed Family Link, which allows parents to effectively monitor their kids' device use.

Computer World has confirmed that, at this point, Family Link is only accessible in the US or via invitation. Individuals simply need to install the service on their Android smartphone and create an account in the name of the child. But while there is currently a geographical limit, the service does offer some notable features and there is potential to roll it out more excessively. The device covers most things, such as application downloads and time spent on electronics.

As the publication explained, parents will have the authority to approve or block applications that their kids want to download. This means that parents can limit the amount of games that are put into a specific electronic device. More importantly, however, they can monitor just what the content of the titles are.

Parents will also have access to a report that will show how much time a child has spent on the app whether weekly or monthly. Furthermore, they will have the ability to limit the time spent using a device. There will be a feature that will lock the electronic unit when the determined limit has been reached, at bedtime or when it is time for a break.

Android Police has added that the Family Link service can also find children's lost devices, whether or not it was lost intentionally or not. Furthermore, certain content can be made inaccessible. This is particularly useful when parents want to block certain websites that children try to access via Chrome. At this point, the service is only available for Android devices.

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