Pokemon GO Guide: Collect Items Even When Inside The Car

Players are wondering if it is possible to capture a Pokémon or to acquire special items in Pokémon GO even if they are inside a moving vehicle. Well, the answer is yes, they still can. Fortunately, other serious gamers discovered ways on how to get the items under this scenario.

One thing they must never forget when attempting to obtain any special item whenever they are inside a car or a train is to open Pokémon GO. Obviously, if they are near a Pokestop, it is must that the app is open; to determine if they can find out if there is a Pokémon or a special item.

One Reddit user discovered that a certain glitch in Pokémon GO enables him to beat the speed limit. But how? First, players must open the Daily Journal in the game. All they have to do is select the players' avatar located at the lower left of the screen.

After that, they should select the button found on the bottom right that has three horizontal lines. Finally, they can choose the Daily Journal in Pokémon GO. According to Heavy, players must close their Daily Journal when they are near the Pokestop.

The Photo Disc button must be swiped for them to be able to collect the items they have found at the Pokestop. However, there is another way but is only limited for Android users. They need to lock their phone before they come near in a certain Pokestop in Pokémon GO.

Once they are in range, they need to unlock their phones and swipe the Photo Disc button. The players will be able to acquire the special items even if Pokémon GO is still loading. However, they must never forget that special items are very rare, as per Slash Gear.

There are chances that they might not obtain one special item in every Pokestop. However, there are theories that within every 300th Pokestop, a special item will show up in Pokémon GO. Players must try their very best and use their luck in order to find at least one special item.

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