Jaguar’s I-Pace Concept Car Hits the Streets of London; Testers Give Their Feedback

For the first time ever, Jaguar has taken its electric I-Pace concept car to the streets of London. The Jaguar's I-Pace concept car also debuted recently at the Geneva Motor Show. And select journalists who tested the car gave positive feedback of their experience with the auto machine.

The Jaguar's I-Pace concept car should roll out of production lines next year. It is not clear if the manufacturer has estimated the price yet, but interested consumers are encouraged to register for one. This means consumers will be the first to take delivery once the greatly anticipated car hits dealership centers in 2018. This underscores how proud Jaguar is to unveil its new electric concept car to the world at the auto shows.

Testers Satisfied With I-Pace's Performance

According to Jaguar executives, the I-Pace electric concept car will utilize a 90-kWh battery which will reach a 220-mile distance. The motors for the axle on the vehicle are estimated to supply 400 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, according to CNET. To this extent, it is estimated that the electric car will reach 60 mph within 4 seconds.

The Jaguar's I-Pace electric concept car debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show very recently. A number of news reporters were asked to test its potential operation on the streets of London via virtual reality. The journalists ended up reporting that they experienced the inside and outside of the concept car and quite a worthy of trial when it actually becomes a physical reality.

Jaguar's Design director Impressed With Car's Performance

Ian Callum, Director of Design for Jaguar, was ecstatic about the performance of the I-Pace, Clean Technica wrote. He said the I-Pace is an electric package with "supercar inspired aesthatics, sports car performance and SUV space." He also added that the design team was impressed with the performance of the concept car on the streets of London, since the testing signaled satisfactory performance in real-world situations.

According to Callum, the new electric I-Pace concept indicated "the next generation of battery electric vehicle design." This car is scheduled to hit dealerships in the second half of 2018 and promises to be a real bargain for auto consumers. More technical information will be revealed about Jaguar's I-Pace concept electric car as the date for real-world launching draws closer.

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