'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Finale Hopes To Win Back Viewers By Bringing Back Shemar Moore?

"Criminal Minds" seems to be losing its appeal to audiences as the current season is recording the lowest ratings of the series. With Spencer Reid seemingly not enough to get a hold of the show's originally huge fandom, "Criminal Minds" might have to bring back some old fan favorites to reinvigorate the viewers.

In its 12 years of being on air, "Criminal Minds" have inarguably become one of CBS' most successful dramas. However, it started losing its best characters with Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson having to leave the show when it is not yet finished. The firing of Gibson seemingly jeopardized the series at its rating after his flee dropped by a significant amount. However, fans might want to come back as Shemar Moore is returning to reprise his role in the final episode of "Criminal Minds" season 12.

Shemar Moore is set to appear in the May 10 episode of "Criminal Minds" season 12 which CBS announced earlier this week. Spoilers reveal that his character Derek Morgan will visit BAU to give them a lead in a case against a serial killer and the escaped convict, Mr. Scratch. These felons, as fans already know, have caused havoc on BAU all throughout the current season.

Shemar Moore made his exit last March after doing a total of 251 episodes with "Criminal Minds." His character went through a lot of challenges which later led him to retire from his BAU life to focus on his family. It was then revealed that his departure was a decision he made on his own "to try new things." Currently, Moore is a part of another CBS drama as he was recently cast in the drama pilot S.W.A.T. It was revealed that he will also serve as one of the producers of the new show.

With Shemar Moore coming back to wrap up the 12th installment of "Criminal Minds," the team is hoping to get a better reception from their audience as well as earn higher ratings that will save the show's future. As of late, Matthew Gray Gubler is the main man of the show, but his stints are seemingly not enough to help the show recover from slumping ratings. Many then are still requesting for Thomas Gibson to come back, but as of now, his return is quite impossible because of the saddening history he had with the show's producer.

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