For Honor: Players Are Disappointed With Pricey Micro-transactions

For Honor uses Steel as a primary resource when making in-game transactions including purchasing items and upgrading gears. Aside from boosting the player's character, Steel can also be used to purchase the newly released emotes in the game. Albeit nothing more than just a simple indulgence, these emotes cost a lot more than they could offer - and the entire community is not pleased about it.

For Honor: New Emotes

Steel is a precious commodity in For Honor as it's basically the currency in the game. With that said, players are grinding Steel to boost their character's efficiency during battles - upgrading gears, purchasing new items, etc. Outside this field, players can also utilize Steel to purchase skins and emotes, which the latter already cost a hefty amount considering the merit it provides.

Usually, emotes' price ranges between 3,000 to 5,000 Steel. This is costly enough considering how meager the Steel is rewarded during public matches. There are times where players are awarded by a scanty 15 units of Steel only! What's more, the new emotes cost a staggering 7,000 Steel. That's high enough to upgrade a heroic gear a couple of times! Because of this, fans aren't happy with Ubisoft.

Fans Disappointed By Pricey Micro-transactions

In the For Honor subreddit, fans lambasted Ubisoft for milking their popular title heavily. Aside from raising the prices of emotes, the community pointed out that a Steel pack is not enough to buy the new emotes. The basic Steel pack costs $4.99, which converts into 5,000 Steel. According to them, the costs of the new emotes are not simply worth the price.

Although For Honor is mostly Duels and Brawls, fans are also looking forward to buy the new emotes as a sort of a taunt and whatnot. However, due to how costly these items are, it is unlikely that players will patronize this aspect of the game.

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