'Quantico' Getting Canceled? Priyanka Chopra's Emotional Wrap Up of Season 2 Hints On Series Finale?

Lead actress Priyanka Chopra of "Quantico" has shared an update on social media about the current season. The Indian songstress shared about how emotions spurted as the team of "Quantico" wrapped up filming the second season earlier this week. Fans then were quick to speculate that her post might be hinting on the show's cancellation as it is reportedly very early to feel sad if the series is still coming back for another installment.

"Quantico" season 2 is three more episodes towards its finale, but a lot of fans, as well as the show's cast, are quite doubtful about the series' future. Cancellation rumors became rampant, much more when Priyanka Chopra recently posted on Twitter about the installment's filming wrap-up. Priyanka wrote on Twitter: "Last 2 episodes before we finish shooting for the rest of #quantico season 2! So many mixed emotions..it's been a long haul..."

Following this, fans were quick to question Chopra's seemingly exaggerated reaction about the end of their filming when there is still a possibility for the show to be renewed. With her tweet, fans then started to conclude that the actress might have just teased the series' finalewhich is a reason for her to feel that "emotional." Her concluding words also left fans with an impression that she is giving her farewell message by sharing how they worked hard to finish the episodes of the show.

Priyanka Chopra though has not yet given any comments about the speculations and remains thoughtful to fans by updating them about the show on Twitter. Likewise, ABC has not given any announcements yet about the "Quantico's" future. T.V. show renewal sites though are persistent that the show might be axed soon from ABC's lineup.

It is not a secret to fans of "Quantico" that the show's season 2 dropped in viewer population as well as ratings since it started to air in September. Comparing the pilot episode and the season 2 premiere, "Quantico's" viewers was halved and the numbers continued to drop as it aired its next episodes.

The multi-timeline episodes of the show have reportedly been difficult to follow according to many fan comments. Ratings then dipped to as low as less than 2.5 million viewers, proving that many of its audiences lost interest on the flow of "Quantico's" story. People behind the show were amenable to the viewers' cry and announced that the show will now restart with a single timeline in the upcoming episode 14. Fans then might want to see how the show will redeem its viewers through a followable arc.

"Quantico" season 2 will return on Monday, March 20 on ABC.

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