Clash Royale Guide: Best Cards To Pick For The Bandit Challenge

The Bandit Challenge is now live and an influx of players fills the event hoping to obtain the newest legendary card, Bandit. The Bandit Challenge works similarly like any other common Draft Challenges except for one: only one player can use the Bandit. This twist paves the way to a diverse set of strategies in playing with and against the Bandit.

Clash Royale : Bandit Challenge

One of the crucial aspects of the Bandit Challenge is the decision of choosing the Bandit. Yarn from Orange Juice provides details as to why choosing the Bandit is one of the best options for the challenge. To know more about the Bandit interaction, click here. Bottom line is, always opt for the Bandit as it's basically a new card and is hard to deal with. And so, here are the top cards to pick for the Bandit Challenge:


Graveyard is one of the best cards in the game, capable of shutting down multiple decks and can create unpredictable counter-pushes. Although the card is peculiarly rare in the event, once the Graveyard shows up, always opt for the card.


As mentioned above, always opt for the Bandit. Players will have a hard time countering the card and are unlikely prepared to deal against the 3-Elixir Legendary Troop.

Swarm Cards

Due to the Bandit's weakness on the swarm troops, it is best to get these cards as they can easily counter the legendary card. These are the top swarm cards in the event: Goblins, Skeletons, Minion Horde. Always get these cards whenever the opportunity arise.


Due to the swarm cards being prevalent in the event, the Log is basically crucial in the game. When choosing between two spells, always opt for the Log.

Pocket Cards

Now, while the Bandit and swarm cards work perfectly well in the event, it is always wise to bring a pocket card in the field. Pocket cards are those that are unlikely to be expected from your enemy's standpoint. One of the best pocket cards is the Balloon. Without good aerial defense, the Balloon can effectively secure the player a clean victory.

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