Hybrid Kinetic’s H600 Concept Car to Retain 90% of Concept Design; Launches 2020

The H600 hybrid luxury sedan will no longer be a concept car by 2020, it will be unveiled as a reality car to run the roads. The car's design was unveiled at the just concluded Geneva Motor Show, and two more concept designs will feature at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show. According to Carter Yeung, one of the car manufacturer's executives, 85% to 90% of the design and features seen with the concept car will be witnessed as the final production of the H600.

Formerly known as HK Motors, the H600 hybrid car was designed and unveiled by Pininfarina on behalf of Hybrid Kinetic Group, a Chinese EV startup. This car will be manufactured in China and then tested in Italy before it eventually hits the market simultaneously in both China and the United States. According to the manufacturers, over 200,000 units of the H600 hybrid sedan will be produced within the next five to 10 years, Autoblog reports.

Technical Specifications Of The H600

An all-wheel-drive electric car, the H600 is modeled after Tesla's Model S and looks forward to overtaking Mercedes in the market within a decade or more from now. The car comes in a 5.2-meter body and comes in four doors. It is powered by electric motors that generate over 804 horsepower and the ability to make 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds at a maximum of 155 mph, Carscoops wrote.

The chassis of this concept car is fully aluminum and the entire car weighs 4,122 pounds or 1,870 kg. A micro-turbine generator range extender powers the battery for this electric ensemble so that it doesn't have to seek charging grids in unlikely places when on long trips. Its battery is based on an energy recycling system so that the car can travel more than 621 miles or 1,000 kilometers on a single charge, Motor1 reported.

H600 Hybrid Luxury Car In 2020

Having promised that almost 90% of the design and features seen at the Geneva Motor Show will be present when the H600 leaves the production line in 2020, Yeung said his company will deliver on all promises. He said many Chinese companies under-deliver on exaggerated promises, but his company is never going to be that way. He stated the H600 hybrid luxury car will be a delight to consumers when it finally hits the market a few years from now.

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