Refurbished 1944 Ford GPW 4x4 Jeep Listed For Auctions; What to Know

A World War II military jeep is up for grabs. It is none other than the 1944 Ford GPW 4x4 jeep. This was an ancient classic that ruled the post-war era between 1941 and 1945 of its production period. Not many of them are left around, and the few that remained have been rebuilt or refurbished to meet the needs of modern trailers. You can have one today if you'd only be quick enough.

A Total Of 277,896 GPWs Was Produced 

The GPW 4x4 Jeep was a military machine built by Ford between 1941 to 1945, at a time when Willys vehicles also vied for attention. Willys struggled to meet the market demand of 75 car units per day, while Ford managed to produce a total of 277,896 GPWs within the five years the jeep was in production. However, people seemed to remember the Willys Overland more than they do the Ford GPW 4x4 jeep.

The design and performance of the Ford GPW 4x4 jeep inspired the production of modern jeeps and 4WDs as well as many generations of military light utility vehicles. Ford was the first automaker back then to design and implement a nine-slot design for vertical-slot steel grids before other companies such as Willys among others stole the idea.

New Pirelli Tires Added And Jeep's Odometer Reads 10,150 Miles

The current Ford GPW 4x4 jeep that has been listed for the auctions has been refurbished for both military and civilian use. And whether for military or civilian use, the first-generation vehicle will make for a great general purpose use. It has been repainted from its original military color into a light blue color, with tougher Pirelli tires used to replace its original outdated tires, Automobilemag reported.

The 1944 Ford GPW 4x4 jeep in its current condition is suitable for off-road performance and able to power through all terrains. It is available for bids at Bring a Trailer. You can be the next town sensation if you're able to get your hands on this ancient Ford classic. Meanwhile, its 5-digit odometer reads 10,150 miles but an expert inspection will reveal if this is the true mileage.

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