Will A First-Person Mode Come To GTA 6? Details Revealed

It may seem be a futile effort to suggest that GTA 6 is indeed coming. After all, developer Rockstar Games has not given out any official word. Add to that as well the fact that they are working on another bigger title called Red Dead Redemption 2. Surprisingly, this does not stop the fans from speculating whatever there's to speculate. Hence, in one way or another, there's a hype.

According to N4BB, the aforementioned title is shaping to be a gameplay deviant. This means that the game is likely to incorporate features that have yet to be applied or seen in past installments. This is where rumors about a first-person mode coming to the game have surfaced, giving it an edge over its predecessors.

The said GTA 6 feature is basically a complete turnaround from the usual third-person mode. The latter, as obvious as it can be, has been anchored in the past Grand Theft Auto titles. Heck, Rockstar even did a marvelous job, giving this feature the spotlight it deserved. However, if the rumors are true, it seems the video game company is ready to give this feature its well-earned rest.

Apart from the one mentioned above, GTA 6 is also believed to introduce the first female protagonist. And this is actually becoming a possibility. That's because the studio has been highly criticized for how they portray women in the video game. This might just be the very reason the developers will move forward with such direction.

TNH Online, on the other hand, reports that the supposed title will be set in San Andreas. It's even believed to cater the highly advanced consoles of today -- PlayStation 4 Pro, for instance. However, like the ones mentioned, these are all but mere speculations. Players should take these with a grain of salt, as until Rockstar itself confirms these, they'll remain unofficial.

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