GTA 5 Developer Rockstar Launches Bug Bounty Program

GTA 5 has its own history to share in terms of success. Aside from that, though, it has a couple of ups and downs, too. But of course, Rockstar, over the course of years, has been passionate in mitigating these issues. Now, the studio is looking to upgrade their strategy. This is by way of hiring people who'll work as bounties, trying to find and/or identify bugs.

According to VG247, the studio is more than willing to acquire hackers who are successful enough in determining potential threats. These could be anything from bugs to issues to exploitations. In its most organic form, the candidate must be able to report any vulnerabilities that the video game company's online services and domains may have.

It's called Bug Bounty Program, and any GTA 5 players are welcomed to join. In fact, anyone who has an interest in such position is invited to join the program. The main goal is to identify all potential security risks. As long as proven, people will be able to earn a minimum of $150. This program right here has already started since time immemorial.

All in all, Rockstar has already paid out an estimated worth of $90,000. This figure is based on the 155 total reports who participated in the said program. The key here is to be the first to identity a bug, so it's a good idea for players to keep it to themselves unless it's with the studio. The amount that'll be paid is based on the severity of the discovered issue.

This interesting job posting from the GTA 5 developer was first revealed in HackerOne. The latter is basically a platform for all things bugs and issues. The domains that people will be covering include but not limited to,, and

As of this writing, the program remains active for all interested applicants. It currently has no end date, so it might be a good idea to jump on and be part of it. It should be noted that this doesn't cover any issues related to games developed by the video game company.

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