AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU To Beat Intel In Price & Power

AMD's Ryzen has been making waves in the market for its power, speed and most importantly, its price. The multi-thread CPU even has Intel's latest processors as competitors and the company is pushing its non-gaming ventures to the forefront of the project. But while this is true, the tech player is looking to make even bigger leads with a monster 16 core, 32 thread CPU.

As Forbes has reported, Ryzen is a great multi-threaded processor, which easily beats Intel's more expensive CPUs in terms of rendering and creating content workloads. It is a powerful option to have and it definitely offers value for money. However, AMD is reportedly working on an even bigger player that will leave its opponents in the dust.

The monster CPU will reportedly have six more cores than Intel's current flagship desktop CPU, the Core i7-6950x. Intel's latest product has 10 cores and 20 threads. If AMD's recent trend is anything to go by, producing a 16-core, 32 thread option will definitely push the company to the top tier of the industry. Moreover, the rumored CPU will be the ultimate choice to make.

The publication claimed that the new platform will have a Land Grid Array (LGA), as well as pins in the CPU socket. This design is evident in Intel's i7, but not with the current generation of the Ryzen. Currently, the Ryzen 7 CPUs and motherboards lack a quad-channel memory support. Basically, this means that the speculated unit could have a dedicated high end desktop.

But as WCCF Tech has pointed out, there is no actual evidence that a new Ryzen chip is in the making. However, if it were to arrive, it is expected to have the same pricing as the already available products. That is, not necessarily the same price, but it will remain a more economical choice to make than Intel's offerings.

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