Ark: Survival Evolved Guide To Taming MicroRaptor Effectively

Among the many things players love the most about Ark: Survival Evolved are the dinosaurs. The very existence of these creatures in the game seems to fulfill a childhood dream. But of course, it's not always moonlight and roses. That's because people need to tame these beasts, otherwise it's almost impossible to acquire them. One of the species fans are looking forward to acquire is the MicroRaptor, and here's how to effectively tame it.

First and foremost, the aforementioned dinosaur arrived to Ark: Survival Evolved via an update. It's basically patch v751.0, which was designed for Xbox One. For players who utilize PlayStation 4, they were introduced to v505.0. Lastly, the PC players got patch v255.0 for their platform. It was arguably one of the best additions Studio Wildcard did so far.

According to One Angry Gamer, the MicroRaptor is among the smallest non-avian (or flying in particular) creatures. Unfortunately, it kind of lacks in the aerodynamics department; however, its impressive size is quite acceptable given its size. Apparently, this beast here is a hard one to catch. It tends to become aggressive the moment it feels being hunted.

Once agitated, the Ark: Survival Evolved dinosaur will rush straight to anyone that comes close to it. But hey, there's a catch. It tries to trick the opponent by stunning first instead of resorting to a direct hit. If it finds itself in a dangerous situation, it'll utilize its stun to flee.

As much as possibly, try not to attack the MicroRaptor while either in danger or weak. When trying to tame it, the better position will be at a near safe location. From there, players must use their bolas and pelt until the beast has been knocked out. But then again, chances are, it'll try to hit back, so it's better to have enough room for dodging.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, MMORPG reports that the highly anticipated patch v255 has finally arrived to PlayStation 4. The TEK Tier update has recently been deployed, bringing in a couple of new and interesting stuff. It basically brings the PS4 version equal to the PC and Xbox One versions. There are four new dinosaurs as well as new TEK structures, among others.

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