Dave Chappelle Comedy Special: The King Is Back, Netflix Hits The Jackpot

The last time Dave Chappelle had his own show, it destroyed records and was on his way to becoming the highest paid stand-up comedian in history. Due to creative issues, Dave walked away which made the fans sad. However, the long wait is over as Dave Chappelle is back with two major specials with Netflix.

Dave Chappelle Is The Greatest

Dave Chappelle’s name is synonymous to the word comedic genius. There might have been plenty of stand-up comedians who graced the stage with their humor but Dave Chappelle stands on top of them all. Although Chappelle is considered by many as the greatest, the native of Yellow Springs Ohio remains humble about his amazing feat. While others are living in the big cities such as Los Angeles and New York, Dave Chappelle stays in a small town in Yellow Springs living on a farm.

Chappelle’s Netflix Special

As reported by E! News and People magazine, Dave Chappelle’s much-awaited return is finally over. Chappelle’s Netflix special will be aired today. There are a lot of speculations that Chappelle might bring iconic characters from his skits such as the White Supremacist Clayton Bigsby, Tyronne Biggums, and Rick James. Chappelle’s material cannot be copied or imitated as Kevin Hart explained. Hart who is a respected comedian himself not only thinks Chappelle is the greatest but Hart also knows that Chappelle changed the game.

Chris Rock who is notorious with his comedy special compares Dave Chappelle to a beast. Chris Rock admitted during a radio guesting that Dave Chappelle is the only comedian alive who brings fear to his heart. Conan O’Brien also commended Chappelle because of his honesty and artistry. To this day, Chappelle’s “Killing Them Softly” is still regarded as the best stand-up comedy show the world has witnessed. Lastly, Dave Chappelle created a new platform which every comedian uses today like Key and Peele.

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