Battlefield 1 Guide: How To Activate Balloon House Easter Egg

DICE is known for a lot of things when it comes to Battlefield 1. This could be anything from the most interesting content to the weirdest feature. But among the studios specialties are the Easter eggs. The developers are just fond of adding vague stuff, giving fans something to unravel and look forward to. This time around, though, it's a bit different. Well, not entirely, as it's something actually quite familiar.

According to PVP Live, the newest Easter egg to arrive to Battlefield 1 is a nod to Pixar and Disney's popular animated film titled Up. It's basically a floating house held tightly by the balloons, so as to keep it afloat. Think of it as something as similar to the one in the said film. Apparently, players can activate this easily in the Verdun Heights map.

A YouTuber by the name of Jackfrags (see embedded video below) showcased the way to triggering the aforementioned balloon house in Battlefield 1. Among the triggering tricks is through the wine bottles. First, players need to find the wine bottles that are located along the fence somewhere in the south field. It's placed near the A flag. All in all, there are a three of them (two of which are placed along the fence). The other one is something that players need to destroy.

Next on the list are the Weather Vanes in Battlefield 1. After finding the bottles (the third one to be exact), players must face towards their left. They should be able to see a couple of houses from a distance. Heads straight to these and simply shoot all of the weather vanes (at least two of the first houses).

After destroying, head to the hill that overlooks the town. Doing so will help Battlefield 1 players shoot the weather vane found on top of the barn. The publication suggests that this one here is a reference to the main character of the movie named Carl Frederickson, who uses the weather vane to stir the house up in the sky. Once done, the floating house will automatically appear.

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