This Is By Far The Best Counter For Snorlax In Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO might have many things needed to improve. Still, it's arguably one of the best mobile game apps of recent memory. Among the features players love about it is the gym battles. It's where fans get to battle it all out, with hopes to become the very best. And talking about gym battles, there's one Pokémon that seems to be one top - Snorlax, that is. This creature here is just a fan-favorite, as people find this pocket monster a beast in the battlefield. Apparently though, it has a foe worthy of being called the most effective arch nemesis.

Almost everyone will agree that Snorlax, in Pokémon GO, is among the top defenders. It can easily defeat any Pokémon especially if these creatures don't have what it takes to win. Or perhaps, players are just too lazy to go beyond some extra miles although the addition of Gen 2 has made the job easier for them.

According to Otakukart, if there's a Pokémon, one that's currently available, ready to take the aforementioned specie, it's no other than Pinsir. First and foremost, this can easily be acquired. That's because it's among the common creatures when it comes to catching. Add to that the fact that no requirements are needed in terms of evolution. Why? Because it does not evolve. So, this gives players the chance to utilize all the candies to power the beast.

With that said, Pokémon GO players will have a greater chance at taking defenders who use Snorlax. The key here is to simply upgrade its power, allowing it to become a lethal weapon in gym battles. It's sad, though, that Pinsir is deemed as one of the most underrated Pokémon. Heck, some people even tend to forget its existence.

In other Pokémon GO news, Birmingham Mail reports Niantic has finally unveiled its plans in releasing the highly anticipated Legendary creatures. Although there are no specifics or whatsoever, these Pokémon are expected to arrive to the game within the year. They might be introduced in form of an event. Either way, it's worth looking forward to.

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