Clash Royale: How The New Matchmaking Rules Are Killing The Game

Recently, the community was shaken by a surprise following the modification of the matchmaking system. The change was subtlety added into the game but its impact had caused a major uproar from the fans - especially for top-tiered players. For the most part, it is said to have killed the "fun" and enjoyment of the game. Here's why.

Clash Royale : New Matchmaking System

The updated matchmaking system basically prioritizes the user's personal best over his trophy counts. According to Supercell, the motivation behind this change is to discourage "trophy droppers" - which is now prevalent due to the existing rewards for the Clan Chest. While the intention is remarkably amazing at first glance; the consequence is making the former issue the short end of the stick.

Fans took on Reddit to express their concern regarding the new matchmaking system and how it kills the very core of the game: fun. According to them, there are a couple of instances where the updated system disrupts the user experience of the many. Here are the highlights:

Stagnating Diversity

Due to the new system utilizing the player's personal best, it stagnates the diversity of strategies for the simple fact that they're deprived of practicing and trying out new decks. Formulating new strategies entails losing and failure before grasping the genuine "mastery curve" of the cards.

With the new system, after dropping at specific trophy level, players will still face the same ranking enemies back where they have been at their best - prompting them to use their "best deck" in order to climb back into the ladder; thus, stagnating diversity.

Meta Shifting

Supercell has been committed to providing constant updates in the game - new cards, balance changes and whatnot. One of the factors that are introduced every update is meta shifting. This is because one balance update could sever the entire meta of the game.

This is the bane of most F2P players since they may have reached high personal best thanks to one "meta deck" but a single patch update could render that very deck to be virtually useless. As a result, maintaining and even pushing trophies gets a lot harder for F2P players in Clash Royale.

These two are just one of the consequences of the new matchmaking system. While it has indeed discouraged trophy dropping, it inadvertently caused more problems than it had solved. Furthermore, Clan Chest is now occurring only once every two weeks, which makes the event nearly trivial to be exploited by trophy dropping.

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