Top Amazon Echo Tips & How To Optimize Alexa For Premium Use

Ever since Amazon released its Alexa-powered Echo and Echo Dot, the company has arguably been at the lead in the smart speaker industry. Despite several other competitors, including Google Home, the retail giant's product line is still often the most favored. But while the device has been positively received as it is, there are still ways for users to enhance their user experience.

As PopSugar has reported, there are several ways to personalize the experience that Alexa provides. For instance, users can choose a different voice for the Echo and Echo Dot, or have a particular wake word instead of the standard name calling. It is also possible to trail the virtual assistant to pick up on user's voices better, as well as acquire new skills. All these are possible by going through the device's settings feature.

There are individuals that have questioned the safety with Alexa, particularly because the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are always listening. However, the publication confirmed that there is a way to erase everything that the device has picked up on and listened to. This is possible through the Account Settings.

And as Venture Beat has noted, there are ways to fix two of the main issues with Alexa. The first of which is WiFi connection. It is best to check the power LED at the bottom of the device, as white indicates connection and orange means there is none. If it is orange, users are advised to reboot the Echo or Echo Dot and the router as well. If that does not work, it might just be that the WiFi signal is low and the device needs to be moved closer to the router.

Another issue is oftentimes Bluetooth connection, which can be rather finicky. As the publication suggested, it is best to un-pair and then re-pair the devices. If that still does not work, the Alexa-powered Echo or Echo dot might not be compatible with the unit. The smart speaker only supports the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile.

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