Battlefield 1 Update: New Details About Revive Indicator And Ammo 2.0

When Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass DLC was released, major changes have been added in the game. However, DICE is not yet done with the changes yet as in the on-going CTE, the developer is testing Revive Indicator and Ammo 2.0.

Revive Indicator Will Finally Be On Battlefield 1

It is been a while since players requested an update for the Medic class in the game. They want the first-aid team to revive the dead players but the class was clueless on who needs to be revived. Something that a Revive Indicator would play a huge part.

According to Segment Next, the Revive Indicator will signal the players if a Medic is coming to rescue them. There will be no chances that they will not be revived since there is an indicator already. Julian Manolov, DICE engineer, explained that the dead player will see a list of medics on the bottom left of their screen. While the Medic class will put an objective-indicator on the dead body in Battlefield 1. Players in CTE are ecstatic when the latest feature was finally in the game. However, for those who are not in the testing environment, they have to wait for the next patch to go live.

What Is Battleifield 1's Ammo 2.0?

Moreover, DICE is also changing how the ammos are resupplied in the game. As per PVP Live, even if the passive replenish is limited, players will have an automatic supply of magazine but will not be directly added in their inventory.

In Ammo 2.0, some of the gadgets will allow the players to carry more than the standard maximum if not engaged in passive replenish. However, when they respawn in Battlefield 1, all of their bonuses will be gone but their gadgets will still be with them when they are alive again.

The offensive gadgets are not capable to be restocked passively when attacking although when they are attacking their opponents, their active replenish is also slower. In addition, the healing gadgets are not affected by suppression.

DICE is upgrading every single feature in Battlfield 1. Hopefully, when the developer released another patch in the game, there will be no problems with the Revive Indicator and Ammo 2.0. The current CTE should be able to point out what might be the newest features' problems, which the devs can address readily.

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