‘Once Upon A Time' News: Season 7 Cancelled? Captain Swan's Engagement Reaction

The show that relieved most of the fairy tale stories is apparently on the brink of cancellation. “Once Upon A Time” might have raised their ratings for the past episodes but ABC hasn't guaranteed them yet with Season 7.

‘Once Upon A Time’ In Jeopardy

Fans are divided with regards to “Once Upon A Time” having another season. Both sides have their own point and it’s just a matter of time before the producers and the network will make its final decision. For the fans who believed that the show needs another season, has three simple reasons. First, they believed that the show has more to offer. Second, there are still some storylines that don't have any conclusion yet. Lastly, those fans are not yet ready to let go of “Once Upon A Time”.

On the other hand, some of the fans think that the show must end already. They believe that prolonging the show won’t do any good on their ratings and some are bored with the current storylines. Bringing back Robin Hood in the last two episodes did help the show with their ratings. However, there’s no guarantee that it would sustain it until their finale. There’s also speculation that the new Robin Hood will also die due to the impending great war that is about to happen.

Captain Swan Not Getting Recognition

Captain Killian Jones or better known as Captain Hook just proposes to Emma Swan. Fans reaction were priceless when they saw it happened while others were not amused with the storyline. Numerous fans voiced out their opinions in the shows unofficial fan page and the negative comments keep on pouring. Apparently, the fans are not a big fan of the “Captain Swan” relationship. Probably, the only saving grace of the show is their last episode for season 6. According to reports, the finale will shock its fans and will break what they call “the fourth wall”.

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